Shaolin Chuan
at Michael's Institute of Choreographic Arts

Welcome to Michael's Institute of Choreographic Arts, home of the premier Kung Fu school in Los Angeles. We practice the Shaolin Chuan (Shaolin Fist) style as taught to Grandmaster Scaccia by Monk Chin C. Li in the 1940s.


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 Instructors/Black Belts

 SIFU: Michael Rossi, 5th Degree
 Grandmaster: Tony Scaccia
 Tim Delfino, 3rd Degree
 Stan Borinski, 3rd Degree


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Group Photo

Group Class Photo
All belt levels were represented at this night's group class.

Classic Photos
Sifu Rossi Performs a Side Back Kick

Sifu Rossi Performs The Extremely Difficult "Buddha Squat"
(an advanced form of the famous "Child Worships the Buddha")

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